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Nursing Course Overview

OCNE’s curriculum represents what is fundamental to nursing. The singular focus of basic skills and procedures includes health promotion, strategic introduction to clinical judgment, evidence-based practice, and leadership.   

Courses are under a cycle of review to ensure that they remain current with prevailing best practice and trends in nursing and in healthcare.  

Nursing coureses relate to one another with in the framework of the OCNE Curriculum, which has been structured to support the students’ overall progression to becoming a nurse.     

Other non-nursing courses are required to meet the degree requirements.  These requirements are set by each OCNE Partner School.    


Nursing Courses

  • NRS 110/210: Foundations of Nursing Health Promotion
  • NRS 111/211: Foundations in Chronic Illness I
  • NRS 232: Pathophysiology I
  • NRS 230: Pharmacology I
  • NRS 112/212: Foundations in Acute Care I
  • NRS 233: Pathophysiology II
  • NRS 231: Pharmacology II
  • NRS 222/322: Nursing in Acute Care II, End of Life
  • NRS 221/321: Nursing in Chronic Illness II, End of Life
  • NRS 224/424: Integrative Practicum I
  • NRS 410: Population Health Practice
  • NRS 411: Epidemiology
  • NRS 224/424: Integrative Practicum I
  • NRS 412: Leadership & Outcomes Management
  • NRS 424 (A-H): Population Focus I
  • NRS 425 (A-H): Population Focus 2
  • NRS 425: Integrative Practicum II

* 400-level Nursing courses are taught only on OHSU campuses. Students must also complete prerequisites and additional non-nursing courses to graduate.

Visit the OCNE Curriculum page for more information about the curriculum. 

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