OCNE Alumni

Alumni from OCNE Schools have gone on to work in all aspects of health care and share a passion for nursing.  We are currently planning our first alumni event in the Fall fo 2021, which will be an opportunity for OCNE Alumni to network with one another.

More information of our alumni event will be posted once it is available.

Earn your bachelor's degree

As an alumni of an OCNE community college partner school, you can seamlessly transition to the OHSU School of Nursing to complete the OCNE Curriculum.  Your final year of nursing coursework culminates with the Bachelor’s of Science (BS) with a major in nursing degree.

Interested in the field of nursing education?

Mentoring and inspiring new nurses and healthcare workers are frequent pathways for our OCNE Alumni to consider the rewards of working in the field of nursing education.  The curriculum of the OHSU Master of Nursing Education (MNE) Program is tailored to each student’s specific learning interests and needs.   OCNE encourages our alumni that are interested in nursing education to learn more about the Master of Nursing Educaiton specialty.  

OHSU School of Nursing Master of Nursing Education Program is linked to OCNE and you can learn more about their program through its website.