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OCNE Shared Agreements

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OCNE Shared Agreements

The Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) is a partnership of eleven Oregon community colleges and six campuses of the OHSU School of Nursing with a shared curriculum taught at each of seventeen nursing program campuses. Ultimately, this partnership is centered on people and relationships, and our organization has grown from an early vision of nursing education reform to a robust, dynamic collaboration that has influenced thousands of nursing students, faculty, the nursing education profession, and — by extension — patients and health systems. 

OCNE Partners share agreements and governance

The organizational structure, infrastructure, and sustainability model of OCNE is possible through agreements that all OCNE Partner Schools share with one another. As a multipartner organization, OCNE, builds and enhances the collaborative values and attributes critical to the relationships and partnership that created the first statewide consortium. OCNE members remain committed to ongoing organizational improvement to ensure that the citizens of Oregon continue to benefit from the original extensive investment made to prepare a well-qualified nursing workforce.


Coordinating Council – Student Policies and Consortium Structure

  • Academic Standards
  • Criminal background
  • Faculty Sharing Guidelines
  • Intergovernmental Agreement
  • Library Guidelines -recommended journal holdings
  • LPN Adv Placement
  • OCNE guidelines for services -to students with disabilities
  • OCNE guiding principles
  • Operating Policy
  • Prerequiste-Corequisite
  • Publication Policy
  • Research and Eval Data sharing

Curriculum – Approved Guideline Documents

  • OCNE Benchmark Rubric
  • OCNE Curriculum Competencies
  • OCNE All-in-one Documents
  • Evaluation and Grading Principles
  • OCNE IP Guidelines Responsibilities

Agreements are not available for public viewing