OCNE Curriculum Components
The OCNE curriculum is a competency-based, spiral curriculum. Ten competencies provide primary direction to the curriculum; these describe what a nurse needs to know and be able to do in any setting. The term spiral curriculum refers to the intentional revisiting of major topics throughout the curriculum, increasing levels of difficulty expected of the students, and with new learning related to previous learning.

There are five major components that guide the organization of the curriculum, the selection of learning activities and assessments and the determination of what topics are spiralled throughout the curriculum. These are:
  1. The OCNE Competencies, benchmarks and dimensions within each, and course outcomes.
  2. Focus of Care and cross-cutting areas of practice.
  3. Concepts derived from middle-range theories within the foci of care.
  4. Health and Illness Context Population
Supporting documents:
OCNE Competencies
OCNE Program of Study

For more information on implementing the curriculum, please visit the Replication Consulting pages.